latest news http:// Welcome北京幸运28是正规彩 to , Hong Kong's non-profit governance site 60 SFC fines Capital Global Management Ltd HK$1.5m https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13756 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13756 For breaking Taiwan laws on distribution of offshore investment funds and offering investment advice in Taiwan.<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 14-Feb-北京幸运28是正规彩 16:51 18 Feb 北京幸运28是正规彩 13:25:00 +0800 Capital VC (2324) grants directors share options at 87% discount to net asset value https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13755 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13755 220m options equivalent to 8% of the existing shares at $0.025 per share. This is a Chapter 21 investment company in the "Enigma Network". The NAV at 31-Jan was $0.189/share. 27.5m options (1%) go to each of the 2 executive directors, approved by the 3 "independent" directors. We call on the SFC to stop this.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 13-Feb-北京幸运28是正规彩 18:22 13 Feb 北京幸运28是正规彩 20:35:00 +0800 Concentration warning in Tu Yi (1701) https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13754 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13754 The top 20 holders have 92.37%.<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 12-Feb-北京幸运28是正规彩 17:01 13 Feb 北京幸运28是正规彩 19:10:00 +0800 SFC fines BMI Securities Ltd HK$3.7m and suspends Maggie Tang Wing Chi for 5.5 months https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13753 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13753 For breaches of anti-money laundering requirements in relation to a placing of shares in Bank of Jinzhou (0416) and the 2016 IPO of Yadea (1585).<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 11-Feb-北京幸运28是正规彩 16:36 13 Feb 北京幸运28是正规彩 19:00:00 +0800 SFC bans Christopher Tse for a year https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13752 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13752 The former research analyst at RHB Securities was trading in stocks he covered, through his father's account at another brokerage, sometimes contrary to his own recommendations. We note that he left RHB for Guosen Securities in 2015 and left Guosen in 2017, becoming CFO of Plover Bay Technologies (1523).<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 6-Feb-北京幸运28是正规彩 16:35 6 Feb 北京幸运28是正规彩 16:35:00 +0800 Carrie Lam risks international travel ban on HK residents https:///articles/corona.asp https:///articles/corona.asp Once again Mrs Lam is putting "One Country" ahead of "Two Systems". By keeping a porous border while imposing an unprecedented lockdown within HK, we risk an escalation of confirmed cases of 2019-nCoV and a consequent inclusion in the entry bans now imposed by Singapore and USA which other countries are likely to follow. Mrs Lam, stand up for Hong Kong.<br> Source: | Source date: 1-Feb-北京幸运28是正规彩 09:32 1 Feb 北京幸运28是正规彩 09:32:00 +0800 SFC suspends Mr Shiu Yau Wah of RHB Securities for 5 months https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13751 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13751 For discretionary trading in a client account without written authorisation. We note that in 2004 he was suspended for 4 months for cold calling. He was also prosecuted and fined HK$5k for that.<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 29-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 16:36 29 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 16:36:00 +0800 Convoy (1019): Key findings of independent forensic investigation https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13749 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13749 Slipped out on CNY eve, the announcement refers extensively to our "Enigma Network" takedown of 2017.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 24-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 19:24 28 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 22:45:00 +0800 Getting to 601: How Beijing controls the HK Chief Executive election https:///articles/gettingTo601.asp https:///articles/gettingTo601.asp Carrie Lam continues to peddle the lie that the Chief Executive Election Committee is "broadly representative", often unchallenged by foreign media. We explain exactly how it is rigged, and how with enough political courage, she could unrig it and introduce democracy through local legislation, without Beijing's approval.<br> Source: | Source date: 28-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 21:10 28 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 21:10:00 +0800 Ban Loong (0030) renews HK$20m loans at 18% p.a. until 7-Jan-2021 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13746 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13746 The borrower is now named as China北京幸运28是正规彩bon Trading Co., a sole proprietorship of Mr Lam Chak Kei.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 7-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 17:22 23 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 14:06:00 +0800 Ban Loong (0030) renews HK$21.1m loans at 12% p.a. until 8-Jan-2021 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13744 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13744 3 loans to Wedgwood Trading Ltd, owned by Mr Lin Andong, were originally made on 7-Jan, 8-Feb and 5-Mar 2019 all maturing 8-Apr-2019, when the interest rate was cut from 18% to 12% and the loans extended for 9 months. There was no announcement of the original loans or the April renewal.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 8-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 17:13 23 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 13:50:00 +0800 Ban Loong (0030) renews HK$20m loans at 18% p.a. for 1 year to 14-Jan-2021 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13743 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13743 The borrower is now named as Deli Trading (China北京幸运28是正规彩) Co Ltd, owned by Mr Wu Wenshu.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 14-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 12:04 23 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 13:38:00 +0800 Ban Loong (0030) renews HK$15m loan at 19.2% p.a. for 1 year to 24-Jan-2021 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13741 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13741 The borrower is now named as Zonhon (Hong Kong) Ltd, owned by Li Changming, Li Shenger and Wu Rongcan in unstated proportions.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 22-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 12:22 23 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 12:40:00 +0800 Ban Loong (0030) renews HK$20m loans at 18% p.a. until 30-Jan-2021 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13739 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13739 The borrower is now named as Hongkong Jing Mao Ltd, owned by Mr Zhu Shengzhong.<br> Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 22-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 16:39 23 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 12:22:00 +0800 China北京幸运28是正规彩 SDHS Fin (0412) lends US$50m to LVGEM China北京幸运28是正规彩 (0095) https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13728 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13728 Source: 北京幸运28是正规彩 announcement | Source date: 22-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 21:38 22 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 22:35:00 +0800 SFC to commence proceedings for suspected manipulation in China北京幸运28是正规彩 Ding Yi Feng (0612) https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13726 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13726 Against a number of individuals including at least 1 officer of the company. It's unclear whether the proceedings will be civil or criminal. Trading resumes tomorrow, but 32.37% remains frozen by the investigation. The bubble stock was suspended at $23.08 but net assets are just $0.07, so prepare for a spectacular, HK$28bn crash.<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 22-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 17:05 22 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 18:10:00 +0800 Criticism of directors of Asia Resources (0899) https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13725 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13725 For failing their duty of care in an acquisition of a "spring water mine". The valuer, now known as AP Appraisal Ltd, also comes in for criticism.<br> Source: SEHK | Source date: 20-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 17:51 21 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 20:59:00 +0800 SFC freezes 6 client accounts at China北京幸运28是正规彩 Fund Securities Ltd, suspects manipulation of Hon (8259) https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13724 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13724 Source: SFC | Source date: 21-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 17:25 21 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 19:56:00 +0800 SFC lifts sponsorship suspension of UBS https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13723 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13723 UBS gets a 2-month reduction in its 1-year suspension for good behaviour. The firm that brought you China北京幸运28是正规彩 Forestry, China北京幸运28是正规彩 Metal Recycling and Tianhe Chemicals (all now delisted) is back in business.<br> Source: SFC | Source date: 14-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 16:31 21 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 19:45:00 +0800 Webb on "Backchat" re taxes and handouts https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13722 https:///dbpub/artlinks.asp?s=13722 Source: RTHK | Source date: 21-Jan-北京幸运28是正规彩 08:33 21 Jan 北京幸运28是正规彩 13:59:00 +0800